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Home Star Search on Yelp.

One source for reviews on is on Yelp. As many are aware, this is a website specializing in past client reviews for businesses of all types. This will mostly be limited to local rent to own home buyers (and searchers), yet it any event it is a critical source of information.

Home Star Search on GlassDoor

What do the employees have to say? This can be incredibly meaningful as to how a businesses views itself from the inside. Chances are if employees are satisfied, it means (many times) that the company is doing well. If employees are dissatisfied, it could be a sign of other things. As far as Home Star Search reviews are concerned, this can be an immensely valuable tool.

Home Star Search on Facebook

This may seem like an unlikely source, but knowing a company's social profile can tell people a whole bunch of things. Is the company receptive to the public or more reclusive? What is their relationship with the communities they serve. has a lot of information on Home Star Search that is provided by the company.

In Summary

To find out about any company takes a great deal of research. As with any business, Home Star Search is no different. Hoping you found this to be a useful resource.